Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fish & Cat

When the review talks about alterations to space and time, of course I'm paying attention. And this is Iranian. Why not delve into Fish & Cat?

Two rather dodgy men approach a camp ground where a group of young peoples are setting up for a kite festival. We follow one person then another, and get little character moments with them, and as they move around they are in position where they were at the beginning of the movie and then we follow others as they end up back in the first place, and...

There are two things about this. This is one continuous shot (I'm not sure if this is one take, but it looks like it), and as we follow people around, time seems to fold in on itself as events circle around back to the beginning. However... it doesn't matter! Why's this happening? What does it mean? It's never addressed! It's just a way for us to get different character moments and fit it into a supposed 30 minute time frame… but we could easily have just had more than one shot and just gone with someone else each time.

The character pieces aren't bad, and decidedly creepy at times, but the narrative device just gets in the way.


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