Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It's an action movie with a little bit of comedy... oh gods, Brett Ratner directed this, that explains a lot.

Herc is a big man on the action scene, but it's actually PR plus a good back up team that gets him his fame. However, he is still a worthy warrior in his own right as he and his team help save an army from being completely destroyed then they take out the evil guy... or do they? And now will the real Herc please stand up?

Because he is just this guy, you know, this means we don't get big huge special effects, and instead get lots of guys running at each other, waving swords, and getting in a big old mess. 'Cos if there's one thing Brett knows how to do, it's shoot something with lots of CGI, which doesn't help here. (And good odds he doesn't know that anyway.) We do get shots of people being thrown about, like we've seen elsewhere, there is a big budget moment when we get to see a large head rolling along... which we've also seen elsewhere, so good work on originality there.

Dwayne Johnson is decent as Herc, and will someone please put this man into a good movie? We also have the wasted talents of Ian McShane and John Hurt. And then there's the rest of the cast. And, from memory... Bechdal test fail (there are two lead females, but they don't talk to each other).

Not as impressive as you might be thinking, but then I never saw the trailers so for all I know people's expectations are suitably dampened.


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