Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sharktocuda vs Pterapus

Are they just randomly sticking animals together now? This pairing features a shark plus an octopus plus a pterasaur plus a barracuda... because that happens. But at least they aren't pretending this is some natural thing, these are created things.

Sharktopus spawned a little 'pus that grew up to being a new one. And, randomly, science creates a pteracuda, because why not? And one escapes, and the other set upon to get it, and they both kill lots of people while they attack each other. Then the job of the humans is to find out a way to take them both out, and get more people killed. Success all round!

The creatures are about as plasticky as we've come to expect from these cash in movies. And the acting isn't much better. This has the benefit of not featuring any big names, so hopefully this will become minor footnotes on people's CVs.

They aren't even bothering any more, so I'm not sure why I'm bothering to watch them...


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