Monday, 1 September 2014

DW 8.02

Oh, it's just... sigh. Really? We want good stories, but this... there is one moment worth noting, but it isn't really anything new.

Take Dalek. Add in The Invisible Enemy. And The Carnival of Monsters... and blammo, this episode! In fact, let's skip past the whole miniaturisation thing, because that's just another excuse for corridors and sonicking things, and that's not interesting. Let's also skip past the Coal Hill School thing, because that's just bringing in another earth relationship, and we have nothing but that. Let's go straight to the idea of the 'good Dalek'. Turning the Daleks back on themselves dates back to The Evil of the Daleks, but it wasn't because 'it saw the birth of a sun', but rather because they were deliberately made human. Here, it's a complete accident, and we 'learn' that this is the first time we've ever had a good Dalek... despite those other times. (And what of Dalek itself, which all it wanted was the sunlight.)

The interesting point here is that the Doctor is full of hate for the Daleks... but as I've said, that's not the first time we've seen this. Again, Dalek. Hell, the fact that it was called "Russ T" is probably a dig at the certain someone who brought them back anyways.

That's actually really what this episode feels like. "Hey, remember these other episodes? Yeah, they happened! Think of those because we haven't decided what to do with the Doctor yet!"

Next time: Oh look, a historical... and let's guess what the alien presence shall be, shall we?


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