Sunday, 14 September 2014

Posesion of Michel King

I really need to stop watching bad movies. Which is most of the movies I watch, so that would dry up this content... on the other hand, this movie was incredibly obvious.

Michael loses his wife in an accident, and decides that because she took advice from a psychic he will prove that religion is bunk. And so he starts trying to invoke the devil. Which, because this is a movie, he succeeds, although he's oblivious to it because we're only half way through the movie. Then in the second half of the movie, he goes crazy while putting up with the possession, and gets thrown around the house and such, and it's clear that in the movie the devil is real, so sucks to be him.

It's just... there's nothing new here. What was the movie trying to say? Losing your wife is terrible?Yeah, I knew that. Don't give in to the devil? Not really a problem. The devil is real? Again, not news here. The producers can make a movie in which there's effects and such? Not breaking boundaries there either.

Shane Johnson as Michael is all over the place. Mainly he comes across as complete tool, but when he's swinging into full devil mode, he's just completely unbelievable. And considering that most of the movie is just him, that's not great. The effects are decent, but not surprising (not even the moment when the ants crawl on the lens).

This is just another entry in the wanna be ghost movie genre. And it's not worth paying attention to.


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