Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Reign of Winter

Oh, the eternal dungeon. The big problem being that we have no idea if we are making progress, going around in circles, or possibly going backwards...

Last time Mage went to move a table, and crossed a symbol, which caused the four wooden mini statues to become small creatures that attacked us. And nearly killed us. (Well, some of us.) Certainly we weren't in the best position, with two party members dropping, both in this case being the healers! We managed to put the creatures down before they could wipe us out, but it wasn't easy.

There were two exits we could choose, so of course we go for the locked door. Heading down, we get to a dead end, in which there are menhirs and two dead frost giants. Clearly this is fine, so I walk in... and cause the nymph to pop out and attack. And I'm blind. And then one of my party drops a silence spell, so I can't hear either. Hooray! While they battle, I am surprised by an air elemental, then I'm left without anything to fight around me and no way to find more battle. And then, when the silence is at last removed... the rest of the party kill her. And after she blinded two more people.

So, yeah, we are staying here now... until tomorrow, when we can get unblinded and then proceed to do other stupid things.


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