Friday, 26 September 2014


I can't remember why I grabbed this movie to watch. And then I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and I guess that's why.

He is leading a DEA Special Ops team that is more than a little dirty, and they steal ten million dollars... then someone steals that. And later, starts killing them off. One by one, the team are axed, and Caroline (she doesn't have another name according to IMDB) is a Fed trying to work out what is going on, and slowly they develop the story...

And then the movie falls apart in the last third. And the last fifteen minutes are from a completely different movie? According to the trivia, this ending was extremely different from the original cut options they had, and it really shows. It just doesn't work at all, because it largely comes out of nowhere. Still, I don't want to see the original movie which was going to be three hours long??

Most of the characters are largely one-note. And that note depends a lot on the scene they are in. Yeah, character consistency has a few problems. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't really get a lot to do and Olivia Williams as Caroline isn't a great part either.

This had a lot of potential, but it can't hold it together.

And because one must (although they didn't allow this to be used for promotion):


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