Monday, 6 October 2014

DW 8.07

The introduction made me worried they were going to pull another 42, but fortunately not. Instead, they just went for dull.

Oh look, large astronomical body is in fact an egg for a creature... where have I seen that before? Aside from many science fiction stories. Meh. The big deal here is that it's the Moon, and that we are supposed to care because of Earth. Except I don't. I would have left my lights on.

And no-one noticed the Moon contains a lifeform? Really? Yeah, that makes sense. And, fortunately, it managed to lay another Moon (so in some billion years another creature will hatch?).

The best character moment of the episode was at the end... and I'm wondering if Peter or Steven wrote that? Which means this was another wasted guest slot in the form of Hermoine Norris. And the other cast out of the main crew is also irrelevant. Although I am including Ellis George as the main cast here. I do also wonder if she was supposed to be in this script and was added quickly or not? [This was originally a Matt Smith script.]

Anyway, not an exciting episode all round.

Next week: a historical journey that's been retasked to take place in space? I've never encountered that before!


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