Friday, 3 October 2014

Neverending Nightmares

There's a new game on Steam, but, more importantly, it's a game I Kickstartered! (And yes, my name is in the credits.)

The style is a black and white weird house you are walking through, with coloured items being what you can interact with. The atmosphere is rather tense, for the most part, and the cut scenes are definitely creepy.

However, there are long sections when you are just walking around with nothing happening. One could say this is for your imagination to build up expectation, but longer nothing happens, the more I'm getting just bored. (There was one jump scare that got me.)

And the action moments, when you are fighting enemies, is... well, annoying, to be honest. The first enemy you encounter after finding a wardrobe, and it is so obvious that you are supposed to hide in the wardrobe that when the enemies do turn up (and they do look unsettling), you already know how to defeat them. And the second set of enemies aren't much better, and there was one section I ran into that just kept killing me over and over and it was just frustrating more than scary. I'm still not sure what I did that enabled me to get past it.

I did get to the ending after 90 minutes... and found it was just one of three. I probably will go back and try to get the others (although I'm not sure where they branch off), but... I'm just not that engaged to jump back in immediately.

A decent enough game, but the weakest parts are the game parts themselves.


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