Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Reign of Winter

[I'm having trouble remembering what we just did... this section of the game isn't incredibly varied.]

We left our death pit and went up to a wall of unmortared brick. Well, if they are unmortared, then there shouldn't be a problem pushing them out of the way. *Grunt* Okay, the wall is pretty solid, but *grunt* hey I opened the door. In that I pushed it through the wall until it fell over, but still.

Inside the next room we find a small sort of living area. A woman comes out, and says that she's been held prisoner here all this time. That's terrible! Obviously the magic we're detecting that's around her neck is keeping her here and not at all helping her in her evil cleric ness. Wait, did I say evil cleric? Evil cleric that brought down fogs and led to an annoying fight of not being able to find her? Yeah, that evil cleric. And it indeed took a while of stumbling around to get anywhere with killing her. But still, we managed to put her down. Now, just her sisters to worry about.

After poking around, we go to a field and converse with the young maiden of the triumvirate again, who tells us about the problem of the Centaurs and the Frost Giants and Demons that have come in. Oh yeah, I vaguely remember them! She pointed out we needed to head to the crone version, and off we go.

There is another room we are aware of containing dead things, so we head in to deal to some undead. No, but dead was meant tortured animals by fae creatures. Well, we ain't having none of that. And, to be honest, they weren't much cop in the fighting stakes.

Now, there is another way out of here, so do we try that or back out and sleep after doing something for five minutes...?


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