Thursday, 9 October 2014

Spac Statio 1976

This is supposed to be a "comedy". However I could tell from the trailer that this wouldn't be that great. And I was right.

It's a Space Station! With the future presented as if it was 1976! Only... well, the trappings are definitely 1976, with the bad dress sense, the constant drinking and smoking, and the awful hairstyles. But the story itself is timeless and could have been set in any setting. That's not so much the problem, timeless stories, whatever. No, the problem is that it is immensely boring.

I watched this, as I do, at double speed. And it still felt like a chore to get through. Absolutely nothing felt like a surprise, nothing felt like it was a fresh take on anything, nothing felt like this was a story worth telling.

The premise of a "current modern take on a 70s take on a science fiction future" had potential. But this wasn't the movie for it.


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