Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Mirrugh

As I've said before, horror movies featuring mirrors are an easy click for me. And it's amazing how badly they get done.

Boyfriend, girlfriend and mate live in an apartment, and they get themselves a "haunted mirror" so they can film strange things happening and win the James Randi Paranormal Challenge (pro-tip: it doesn't work like that). Then nothing much happens aside from boyfriend sleep walking. And then nothing definitely happens. Then boyfriend goes out at night stalking, cut to... nothing happening. And then girlfriend freaks out and mate fails to be useful. The End.

This is one of them found footage movies, and it goes for the slow build for the entire movie, before a last few minutes of attempting to ramp up the excitement. (I'm also looking at you, Insidious.) But long before any hint of excitement, the audience has fallen asleep.

This is a simple movie, in which there are basically three actors and one location. And the biggest effects (as given away on the poster) are missing eyes. That's about it. Paranormal Activity did that, but as I've said before, only the first one of those movies was any good, and this doesn't disprove that idea.

Skipping this movie doesn't ignore it enough.


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