Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tru Detecti

This show is having trouble expressing what it wants to be about.

Episode 5 has some attempt at cosmic horror, a little different from episode 1. This is wrapping up the 1995 portion of the story, and giving us more about the present day case. There's also a big (for this show) action piece, in which we clearly see people are lying, but they are the heroes, so that's all right, it's all over now... but it isn't.

Episode 6 shows that this show isn't about the crime at all. Which it hasn't been all along, but this episode puts that front and centre. The personal lives of the leads come tumbling down, and the mystery is completely incidental. There could be anything going on, and the detectives would still act the same way. This is where it is "true detectives", because it is truly about the detectives and nothing else matters.


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