Thursday, 20 November 2014

A Puzzle

Here's a Puzzle for you. A is moving down, B is moving up, and C is moving up. C is moving faster than B. When will C pass A?

Answer is hidden from the front page.

What rule is likely here? Murphy's Law! Which states the worst will happen, and so C will pass A at the same moment they are trying to pass B.

Having been C may times, this is very annoying, and yet continues to happen. Dammit!



evildicemonkey said...

I call foul on your puzzle!
There is nothing in your set up to indicate that there's limited space so they can't pass safely.

Also, Murphy's law would indicate that you trip over your own shoelace and take down both A and B in the ensuing tangle! A or B (or both) would probably be related to your direct supervisor in some capacity for extra fun.

Jamas Enright said...

Of course there's limited space. Murphy's Law. Doesn't matter if there was plenty of space before, exactly when it happens there will be limited space.