Friday, 14 November 2014

What if...?

Avis does try harder?

You never will buy better than Briscoes? (*)

Burger King does taste better?

Coca-cola does refresh us best?

Energizer Batteries do keep going and going and going and going?

Gillette is the best a man can get?

Nike just does it?

Pepsi is the taste of a new generation?

Tip Top takes us home?

You can't beat a Trumpet?

Will you always be a kiwi if you love Watties sauce?

(*) You know "you'll never buy better" could be read as a threat...


1 comment:

Jet Simian said...

My favourite made-up tagline for one of my favourite merchants of variable-quality DITY tat?

"Bunnings - you'll keep coming back!"

But as with a few others on the internet, I too have laid awake at night and wondered "what if the Hokey-Cokey IS what it's all about?"