Sunday, 21 December 2014


Before there was House (which I may talk about some time), there was House... which isn't confusing at all, so it's better to refer to it as Hausu.

With a small family problem, the school girl Gorgeous decides not to go away with her father and new would-be mother, but instead to go to her aunt's house, and drags all her friends along. Her friends are Melody, Fantasy... er... (this is like naming all the dwarfs), Prof, Sweet, Kung Fu and... Mac. This seems simple enough, but already the cinematography of the movie is suggesting weirdness, and then slowly, because this is a horror movie, the girls are killed off one by one. Sometimes in rather weird and bizarre ways. (You've probably heard of the piano death scene.) But because this is a Japanese movie, you know everyone will get out fine...

Yeah, okay... uh... I'm not sure I have the words to describe how weird and surreal this movie it. I can certainly see why people cite this as a horror movie to be seen to be believed. It can get rather difficult to watch, with some amazingly odd choices of how to cut from one scene to the other, and how some scenes are shot, not to mention rather strange takes on characters (which might be more typical Japanese takes?).

It's... different. And if only there was some way for you all to watch it...


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