Thursday, 11 December 2014

Live, Monty Python, Live!

Earlier this year there was a live show, screened in many places, of the Monty Python gang getting back together and performing some great skits. And they were great skits. However...

This was just some of the greatest hits. And they nearly remembered all the dialogue. (And for some reason, probably because it was part of the bit, they thought the audience needed the text of the Philosopher's Song to sing along with it. Not likely, Bruce!) And another problem was that... they were only on stage half the time. The rest of the show was clips from the shows and the occasional dance number. Well done, dance number, but not exactly the Pythons performing. Sure, they're getting old, but we still want to see them.

In a way, it's like the Fry and Laurie Reunion I saw as well. We reminisce about what a great time we had with the old gags... but there are no new gags. They went on to other stuff, and have their individual careers. It's nice to have the gang back together, but we can jut as easily watch the old recordings if that's all we're gonna get.

I laughed, there were some nice nods to Chapman, but I couldn't help feel disappointed that there wasn't an extra kick of unseen Python to it.


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