Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Star Force and Destiny

Yes, I'm talking about Star Wars. No, I'm talking about the trailer. I'm talking about the RPG instalment, Force and Destiny.

We spent the entire session just setting up our characters for next time. I'm playing a Nautolan male, who is a Mystic Advisor. Where in this case, I'm advising for free love, and shouldn't we all just get along, and I have the force powers to back that up and make you want to sleep with me... yeah, okay, I might be heading towards the Dark Side sooner than later.

One irritating point is that we need to spent xp on the same things as before, stats, skills and talents, and also force powers. So it feels like we are diluted more than other characters. Yes, I have two force powers, but I don't have any talents to go along with it. Well, we'll see how this plays out.

And my name, I chose after much deliberation of what is a suitable Nautolan name, and properly reflected my status as the face character who is all about the good times. Brah Dpitto.


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