Sunday, 18 January 2015

Diesel Sweeties

I've been backing a fair few comic kickstarters. Give me a load of comics, on pdf, fairly reasonably priced, and sure, I'll back it. (Okay, I have to like the art style too.) But one I did a while ago was Diesel Sweeties. 3,000 comics! (Mostly one pagers.)

This one is about a group of people, supposedly friends, who get on each others nerves. I know, original, right? Except two things: there's a lot of sex. Like, a lot. Characters are having sex all the time. The other thing, and also often, is that a lot of the male characters are robots. Like, full on boxy robots, of whom some hate humans. Oh, and there's cats, because internet.... and one of the characters (one of the women) was a porn star, ... because interenet?

Anyway, good read, and plenty of it. A bit too much unmotivated sex scenes, but this is one of the few non-Japanese comics around with sex scenes in it, so it has that. I have no idea if they'll be sold in a bunch again (I got mine on a Red Robot USB stick!), otherwise you can just read them on the site.


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