Monday, 2 February 2015

The Attica! Institute

All right, time for another found footage movie. This one presents itself as a documentary, with some rather familiar faces of known actors in there... yes, very much real life.

This is the story of the Atticus Institute, from back in 1976. They studied paranormal people and even found someone with telekinetic powers... until it was found out that it was someone nearby with a neodymium magnet, which can even effect iron in cornflakes! [Uh, movie, you're cheating wrong.] But then they have Judith handed over to them, and she's the real deal. Effecting all sorts of things. Except there's an evil inside her, influencing her and people around her. So... clearly the government should be involved, that never goes wrong.

This was actually better than I expected. The 1976 bits were nicely 1976, with appropriate clothing and hairstyles and camera quality. And the modern stuff was nicely crisp in comparison. Okay, the younger versions and older versions of the character didn't look much like each other, but what the hey.

The main reason it works... they don't go for jumpscares, but instead build a tense atmosphere. All the movies I think work do so because of the atmosphere they build, and this does it well. Slow and deliberate, with cranking up the strangeness, full ticks.

I'm not surprised it didn't score bigger, but I will give it a full thumbs up.


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