Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dale Tucker v. Evil

I think I saw this a while ago, or maybe just the beginning? Don't remember it too much, but I've definitely seen this now.

On one side, this is a typical slasher movie. College kids go out back for camping, meet some evil hillbillies, and end up dying one by one. Standard, huh? Only this time we also see the hillbillies side of things, which involves them just being bad socially, being in unfortunate places, and being surprised when kids start dying around them!

I'm not sure why this is "vs The Evil", when there isn't really an "The Evil" to be "vs". Unless it is The Evil that resides in all our souls... nah, not likely. This is a comedy, after all. And one that stars Alan Tyduk, so there is that! There's also... other people in this!

It's a different take on the usual killer fare, and that's nice, but the joke can only be sustained so long, and I think this movie just about does it.


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