Monday, 23 March 2015

Rebel Heart

You knew this was coming. I wanted to give the album several listens first.

It's not the dance album of the previous few entries. If anything, this could be considered a sequel to Erotica. There are songs about sex (including another one about oral sex), and songs about being powerful - usually after a break up. (Trading on life experiences there Maddy?)

I can't really pick a favourite, no track is leaping out at me. There are some I might be tempted to skip over, but nothing at the moment I want to stick on endless loop replay. There are some upbeat tracks I can kick along with, and I can sing along to most of them by now.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency to suddenly break out a dubstep beat in the middle of a song. Don't really need that. And what does the songtress decide to rhyme with her own name? "Na nana na na. Bitch, I'm Madonna."

Still, unless she brings out another album, I think we've got Album of the Year for 2015 sorted. ;)


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