Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Secret Service

I saw the movie, and decided to check out the comic book. Short version... movie was better.

The larger plot elements are still the same. Eggsy is a drop out, he's saved to become a Kingsman, and the bad guy wants to deal to the world. There are plenty of changes too, Jack is his uncle, what Jack goes through is different, the training is less MIB, and the big fight doesn't rely on just the hero.

And yet, as I said, the movie was better. There are some moments that Matthew Vaugh plays out better. Despite that comics are a visual medium, the movie is even more visual and plays some scenes (for example Jack/Harry and Eggsy in the bar) that the movie just does a lot better. But I will grant that the bad guy is more "realistic" in the comic. The movie's kidnappings are more relateable for the movie going pop culture in the moment know nothing audience, but the comic kidnappings are more apropos to being a comic by Mark Millar.

No doubt there will now a be a second comic set.


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