Friday, 17 April 2015

Reign of Winter

[I was unable to make it... so harken to the tale of Falgard the Brave!]

We ventured out of the hut into wintery conditions. The sun is much smaller than we're used to although it still burns brightly.

Mage jumped on his broomstick to scout around; fell off at the top of a loop the loop; and then the broom attacked him. Beatrix snapped the broom in half with her bare hands.

Then Mage sent his owl into the air to scout around. It spotted a dragon approaching. So we all jumped back inside the hut.

Falgard pulled out his spy glass and could see a rider on the dragon. The rider was a furred creature with pointed ears. Falgard also noticed that the dragon didn't look quite like the dragons that he'd seen before.

The dragon circled the hut and so Falgard and Beatrix went out to chat. The dragon and rider landed. The dragon pulling out a polearm and the rider putting her weapons down on the ground. Falgard can't speak Draconic and so didn't get very far. Luckily Beatrix and Mage do.

The rider, Beskele (sp?), and the dragon, Euphraxes (sp?), are actually a humanoid (Triaxian) and a Dragonkin. They're allied to a group known as the Skyfire Mandate which exists to oppose and control the tyrannical Drakelands; a group of oppressive warlords.

Beskele took us to the nearest settlement, Spurhorn, that matches two of our clues from B.Y.'s raven; the iron spur and the drinking horn. Spurhorn is currently under siege by Drakelands forces.

We convinced the Skyfire Mandate leadership there that we could use our magical powers of song and dance to help lift the siege and were given the run of the keep.

In digging through the library and the archives we discovered that the commander of the keep had recently been gifted a two-headed eagle which, upon examination, turned out to be one of B.Y.'s keys. The commander agreed to regift the eagle to us once we've lifted the siege.

In the library we also discovered that there is a stronghold in the Drakelands known as Ivoryglass which matches the other of B.Y.'s clues. It's the stronghold of a warlord known as Euraxes. I bet you 500 gp that he has a bear skin rug.


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