Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Brokened Ages

With Part 2 out, of course I needed to play it, what with being a backer (with my name in the list) and all. And, of course, I whipped through Part 1 again to remind myself of the world and where I was. (I hadn't played it again since I first got it.)

With the climax of Part 1 blowing the world wide open (and I think playing Shay's part first before Vella makes Part 1 better), we get to explore some of what that means... and there are still surprises to be unveiled even in the beginning here. (And we also get to see how many puzzles were set up in Part 1). There is more cross-over between the two stories, and you definitely need to move back and forth between the two to make progress.

And I did make progress. A lot of progress. And a lot of hitting my head against the wall. I could see what I had to do, but couldn't quite work out what I needed to do to get there... but I made my way through, and solved a lot of it.

But then... I just hit a point. I couldn't work out what was going on, and so, yes, I went to a walkthrough. And found the solutions were nothing I would have come with without reaching the end of my tether. In one case, I had to do nothing, which there was no indication that that's what I had to do. And in another case, I had to give a character item A, but only after showing item B. I did item A before I even got B, and so had no reason to try item A again!

So yeah, that let an annoying taste in my mouth. By the end, it was more "I finally got there" than "yay, I dids it all!" And I only have 2/3 of the achievements. Most of the remaining you aren't going to get on a first run through because they rely on getting the puzzles right first time. And one for doing the entire game in under an hour?

Overall, a good game, glad I got it, but the logic goes a bit too off the rails at the end.


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