Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pacific Pearl

I was away for most of the past two weeks. Where? On a cruise! Two full days sailing, then around some islands (which I'll detail in the next posts), and then two days back. Weee!

On board, I had my own room with a port hole, up on deck 10. That was largely fine, until on the way back when the waves got quite high, and I was... needing a little medical help to get through. I was mostly alright, but the pills helped.

There are two restaurants you can eat at, one where you sit down at a table with others and have a proper meal from a menu, the other being the buffet. I went to the buffet for each meal so I could control what I had better. Beyond that, you are paying for everything (the only free drinks were water, bad tea and bad coffee and juice in the morning). Any drinks, you pay. Any food at any other place, you pay. And think cafe prices.

There were also shows every night. Most of them were fine, a couple... were rather weak, and the only reason I watched was because I didn't have anything else to do at the time. Otherwise, the main activity I attended was the quiz events, which I mainly hooked up with another couple, and... well... I won a fair bit of tat so yay?

Would I cruise again? Not keen on it, but not completely against it. Maybe a one way trip so I could fly back and not have that bad weather?

Pictures of the ship are available.


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