Friday, 8 May 2015

Saga of the Alan Moore Thing

I've heard lots of praising stories about Swamp Thing as done by Alan Moore. Fortunately, they recently collected his run of comics into seven volumes, and I've read them. [Oh, and there are Swamp Thing movies to add to the superhero movie pile.]

Certainly Alan Moore takes the comic in his usual non-standard route, recreating his origin and bringing in far more adult ideas, as well as introducing us to new and old characters (and created John Constantine... so now I have Hellblazer to read). Then he goes into off-planet stories...

And that's where he loses me. Yes, I'm taking a stand against Alan Moore's story telling (not that he cares about what I think of his work), and not liking it. The story goes meandering, and never really gets a decent footing again before his run is over.

This might be blasphemy, but maybe, just maybe, his work is overrated.


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