Sunday, 24 May 2015

SIR: Man from Atlantis

Patrick Duffy is a man... and man with memory loss. He can survive in the ocean, swimming happily, and can survive great pressure. Oh, and there’s a large man who wants him for his own evil purposes. But that's all right, because there's a female scientist with her own ship (which Patrick ends up taking command of in the second season for some reason) to help him out.

Most adventures are 'bad things are happening in the sea, send the Man from Atlantis in to solve them'. Although there was also a notable twin episode, where his identical brother (maybe with a moustache?) is a cowboy in a town and goes around shooting people. (And sometimes encounters goofy monsters.) While he gets a few clues, the man never gets back to Atlantis during the course of the series.

And there was also a comic book that ran for a dozen issues, so check those out too.


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Al said...

Happy memories! We all taught ourselves how to do his trademark vaguely obscene and vertebra-dislocating swim (I doubt I could do it now). I remember Victor Buono camping it up as the main villain (was it Schubert?) and I think he had a pet giant jellyfish in one episode?

I always wondered about an Irwin Allen Movie which was released cinematically here in 78, I think, called the Amazing Captain Nemo. Starring Jose Ferrer (slumming it) it appeared to be several TV episodes edited together and more than a little influenced by Star Wars.
ne of these 'segments' featured a web-fingered survivor of Atlantis who to all intents and purposes was Patrick Duffy's character played by another actor. I wonder who came first?