Tuesday, 26 May 2015

SIR: Riptide

Now what if we had a Knight Rider type show where the vehicle was the gimmick, only this one doesn't talk. And is a boat. An ordinary boat. So, really, a crime of the week show set near a marina that conveniently has the bad guys going out on a boat so the good guys can chase after him. (And this was ripped off in the Simpsons.)

One thing I particularly remember was that there were three people (okay, guys) in the main team. Two jock types and a nerd type with technical skills. And yes, they were all appreciated in their way, even if the nerd guy was the butt of a joke or two. One incident in particular I remember (and I'm sure it's from this show, and even in the opening titles, but not in the ones I found) was that they came to a fence with a locked gate. The jocks scale the fence on either side of the gate, while the nerd guy picks the lock, and they end up on the other side at the same time, with a shared look of 'oh, we could have gone that way'. A brilliant way to show off the core characteristics.

Another series without the full DVDs available.


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