Thursday, 28 May 2015

SIR: Seven Days

Again another show in which missed the pilot. But the basic idea is that when catastrophe hits, this exclusive team needs to find out what happened, then send the (lone reckless horny) pilot dude back in a device which goes back seven days who can then spill the beans and stop it from happening.

Often, they only just got there in time, because you need tension. And yes, there was the obligatory evil twin episode (the bad part of the good guy being split off when travelling back in time badly once). This even lasted three seasons.

However, there were some basic problems I had with the show that were never addressed. If the pilot goes back through time… what happens to his past self? The team is always surprised whenever the pilot contacts them, so what happened to the pilot self that was supposed to be with them? Did he disappear and they never noticed? Does he integrate his selves? Never explained. And neither is what happens to the travel device, which is a one-shot deal and gets wrecked. There’s the one device they have that they will send him back if needed, but what about the ruins? And although they never did this, I totally expected an episode where he had to go back more than once, chaining his way backwards through time. An obvious trick they missed.

And there's now another (completely unrelated) series now called 7 Days, so no-one remembers this one.


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