Thursday, 11 June 2015

Arkham Asylum

Yeah, let's get back into playing a full on vidya game, and let's dip into the well received classic Batman: Arkham Asylum.

So far I seem to be about halfway through. Not that you'd know that from my percent complete score, but there are also a ton of collectibles I've not gotten, and plan on getting after completing the story mission. (I hope, if the game lets me.) I know some of the big story points already, but it is quite different seeing it unfold, and I get to experience all the in-between bits of getting from place to place and fighting all the peoples myself.

And I am playing on Normal... and I'm terrible at it. It took me ages to get past Bane, and the controls don't help. My usual fighting style is spam buttons until the mooks are down, but for the mini-bosses you need tactics. And good controls. And what I don't have are good controls. (I'm on PC, using a keyboard.) I indicate direction, and double tap to roll away and WHY DID I JUST JUMP FORWARD INTO THE ATTACK??? Happens many many times. And it doesn't seem to matter which way the camera is point, nor the Manbat himself, he just jumps into damage. That's not making the game fun.

Still, I am slowly getting through it, so back to it!


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