Saturday, 13 June 2015

Starship Lee

With the passing of the legend, let's bask in his career and check out... Starship Invasions!

An alien race comes to earth 'cos their sun's going to blow up, and decide earth is the place they want. However, there is already a race of aliens here, so they destroy most of them, except one ship that goes on to pick up a UFO researcher and a computer expert. Then there's more running around, and a big battle between ships and then the good guys win?

The effects in this are horrendous. This is buying straight into the Flying Saucer books, and I think they were inspired by the UFOs in the Usbourne books, because they look straight out of there. Part of this movie is incredibly dark in that the aliens are inspiring people to commit suicide (hey, M. Night, yeah they did that back in 1977!), including one of the "hero"'s wives.

But we are here for Christopher Lee, and he is the captain of the evil aliens. He stalks around the set and gets a lot of voice work in as all the alien talk by mental telepathy, so a lot of shots are them just standing there with voice overs playing. While he is the head evil, he's not trying too hard, and to sum up his experience on this, let's see a picture of him.


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Al said...

I paid money to see this at the cinema, back in the day! I remember we had a good time, but the suicide plot-point struck a grim note, even then. Still with well over 200 films on Lee's CV, I guess there has to be the occasional Starship Invasions...