Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Seymour: An Introduction

This is an introduction to Seymour Bernstein called, strangely enough, Seymour: An Introduction. Directed (and has a small appearance on screen) by Ethan Hawke (who isn't sure if his acting is meaning anything).

Seymour seems to be a likeable enough fellow. He was a pianist growing up, and now teaches piano playing... and has a boatload of cred. A lot of people praise his skills and teachings, and we see some of the teaching in action. We also get some piano playing from his, and he does seem to have lost none of his skills (and he even composes).

This is largely a go-over of his life, and he has some amusing stories to tell. He lived his life as he wanted to, and can't ask for fairer than that.

However, watching this made me want to watch Pianomania yet again.


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