Wednesday, 22 July 2015

They've all got it Infini

Just because you give a movie sci-fi trappings doesn't make it any more original.

An out of the way research station goes quiet, and when people investigate they come back diseased. One man of that group escapes to the research station before they all die. Another group is sent in, they meet up, they get infected, and then slowly go crazy and die.

Except it's a sci-fi deep space research station near a black hole which is accessed by teleportation which sometimes has errors... and while I admit I wasn't playing complete attention for reasons below, I don't think any of that mattered. It wasn't like the virus was because of the problems in the teleportation, and I don't think they said the virus creature came from the black hole...

However, a lot of this movie is filmed in rush cut-o-vision, in which if we haven't cut to another angle or similar in the last five seconds, then it isn't an action scene. On top of that, the actors are either in suits so their voices are muffled, or they are diseased so all putting on growly diseased voices, so you can't make out what they are saying anyway.

I'm sure this would have been a better movie (as the concept of the virus eventually promised), but this is not the best realisation of it.


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