Thursday, 27 August 2015

Even Almightee

I saw Bruce... a long time ago, and wanted to see this Steve Carell movie for a while now.

Steve Carell plays... his usual sort of character, and he's become a congressman. Coincidentally, god chose exactly this moment to turn him into Noah... and the rest of the movie is slowly building up Steve believing this, even though we know he is, and we've seen the trailers, so there's no surprise here, except for the surprise of how long the movie is milking this out. Eventually there's a flood and everyone dies, happy ending!

As one would expect in this movie, there's a lot of talk about god's plans and how he interacts with people. By setting up "opportunities", aka doing nothing and saying something happened. And the big flood is sizeable... in that it's smaller than an overflowing river, which the first flood was. And speaking of the flood, despite all the attention to the bible given in this, no mention is made of the fact that it's two of every unclean animal, and seven each of the clean ones. The verse was right next to the one they kept referencing!

But it's all mildly amusing, and I was mildly amused. Not a waste of a time, just a simple watch.


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