Saturday, 29 August 2015


Hannibal was a great series... but that's definitely the past tense there.

With the end of season three, that's it. Although that was more like season 3.1 and 3.2, because after being cancelled they suddenly had to skip to the actual Red Dragon storyline that was supposed to be a whole season. And that 3.2 was a lot better than 3.1.

The problem is entirely in season 3.1. For me it just wasn't doing anything interesting, it was just disappearing so far up its own pretentiousness it broke the meter. And that's this series we're talking about, where it's build on a solid foundation of self-importance and uses walls of pomposity.

Then 3.2 got better... but, strangely enough, still felt like it was dragging on a lot. Focus on characters is good, but doing nothing but cycling the same character moments over and over again is getting too much.

So yes, I'm glad it's finished. Bryan Fuller was doing worthy things with it, but got too caught up, and now the toy's been taken away from him. And no doubt it'll be resurrected in some other way before long.


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