Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Lobster

If you aren't in love, you're turned into an animal... this is what happens in The Lobster. (This really feels like it was based on a novel, but nope, this is original.)

David realises his wife doesn't love him, so moves into the hotel of single people, and in 45 days he will be turned into an animal (a lobster in his case) if he doesn't find someone to love. We get how that part of the world works (within the context of the world, not how the world got there) when David does get together with someone... and then goes out on his own. And then finds his true way. And the movie ends... a really terrific way, that I don't want to give away, but is absolutely brilliant.

Everyone in this movie feels really stilted and you begin to wonder how any of them find anyone, let alone live with them. As I mention there's no discussion of how the world got the way it is, but everyone is willing to accept it. We get good performances, and quite a few people I recognised from other things.

Weird movie. Good... but weird.


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