Monday, 28 September 2015

Doctor Who 9.02

Okay, I will give there were a few moments that got to me... but by and large, it continued to drag on from last time.

Oh look, Davros plays on the Doctor's emotions, and executes his grand plan... but the Doctor was a step ahead of him the entire time! That almost never always happens! And Davros opens his eyes? What? I admit that I thought it was because I thought he didn't have eyes / lost his eyes, not that he replaced them but still had functional orbs. Just makes him seem like any other human monster with lots of make up on.

And the Missy/Clara show goes on. To the surprise of absolutely no-one (certainly not Richard, see the comment on episode one), Missy and Clara are still alive. And Missy continues to be a bitch to Clara. The Master would have been far more charming in how he used the Doctor's companions, so this just felt like it was there for superficial characterisation. And Missy is left with the Daleks, so I'm sure she dead this time!

Oh... and sonic specs? No. Just no.

Next time: Back to generic running from monsters?


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evildicemonkey said...

Yay! How do i trade int his being right for fabulous prizes?

Why did Clara not try to say something else, like "Run You Clever Boy", "I have been trapped in here by Missy"? or "Hey remember when we met Santa?"? Because false tension. And false drama for the sake of false drama is boring. I wish someone on the staff was a better writer.

And specs? Same reaction as you.

(Is it just me or are you disappointed when you click the prove you're not a robot button and it confirms you're human?)