Saturday, 26 September 2015

Roocky III

Okay, now I’m starting to wonder who keeps asking for these? Stallone is still writing them, so that’s good, but because he wants to tell a story or because a company wants it?

Rocky is the champ, so let’s reverse the first movie, and have another fighter come up against him. When the fight starts before halfway through the movie, you know how it’s going to go, and boom, down goes Rocky. Then Creed steps in, but it’s not until again Adrian gives some inspiring words that we get the montage and final fight. Although the final freeze frame takes a little longer to get to this time.

Ah, Mr T, full of bas ass ness… and he looks the part! And Hulk Hogan, back when he was allowed to be in wrestling. That was an amusing fight (as it was supposed to be). But again, I’m feeling like this is the first movie again, with slight role reversal.

It’s a good movie, but we need to step it up.


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