Monday, 5 October 2015

Doctor Who 9.03

It's me, isn't it? This series isn't made for me in the slightest. However, the problem with that is... I'm not sure who it is made for.

We have another two parter, which I wasn't aware of. But we leave with the most obvious possible cliffhanger ever. Which is nice from the point of view of telling a decent longer story... but this isn't a decent longer story. This is half an episode padded out to a full length. The whole schtick around Cass reading the lips of the dead? That was obvious from about minute two of the episode, but then they spent a lot of the episode repeatedly running around corridors for no reason, and finally get to the lip reading.

Now, while I may be able to buy that because she's reading the lips of someone speaking English, we hear English words... but what about that alien geezer? He's speaking English? (That might be addressed in the next episode.) But even better, whatever planet the pilot comes from also happens to refer to constellations by what they look like from a particular angle, and also happens to refer to that exact same sequence of stars as a sword. Convenient. (If we find out later that it's a completely different arrangement of stars they call The Sword, then good, but I don't see that happening.)

Anyway, we have a trapped base in which the Doctor and Rose turn up... I mean Clara. I'm sure no-one is thinking of The Impossible Satan Pit Planet at all while watching this.

The whole mystery around the ghosts and the message on the wall... who is interested in that? Who is this episode for that they think an entire episode should be devoted to it? Just what the hell is up with the Production Office? I'm just not seeing it.

Next time: I'm sure this is the end of the series. No doubt about it.


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