Saturday, 24 October 2015

Friday the 1th

[New movie series time... let's hit Jason and Freddy, in release movie order.]

Hey, it's that movie that's all about sex and teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake! Only... not at all.

It's the first day reopening of an old camp ground, so people have come together to help it up. But eventually they start getting murdered in horrible ways, what is going on? Is this a slasher come to revenge on them all?

Well, we know now, because people go on about it, that it's Jason's mother. But what people don't go on about is how we have a female serial killer! Even these days this isn't common. And we also don't get any kind of explanation until the end when we find out that some previous camp counsellors didn't look after the mom's kid (was it their job too?), the kid died and the mother went crazy. There isn't a lot of sex, it's just the mother going after people now that people are here.

However, we do get a Final Girl alive, and hints that the activities at Crystal Lake aren't over...


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