Monday, 16 November 2015

Doctor Who 9.09

It's hard to tell what Mark is ripping off more. Event Horizon? The monsters from Amnesia? Found footage movies? Probably half a dozen other things that will come to me over time...

I'm with the Doctor that this is just silly. I didn't realise it was a one-parter (unless it's going to be followed up later on), and thought it was a padded two parter that could have been one. But since this was a oner, what does that say about this?

The sleep monsters look silly. At least in Amnesia, they twisted the mouth. Here's it's just a big kump of grey with the chin fallen off. And I couldn't make out how they were consuming anyone, because the lighting and camera work is just as wonky.

Speaking of camera, let's talk about that. Firstly, why don't they have helmet cams? Why doesn't any future insertion team have helmet cams? (Apparently Chopra does have helmet cam?) We have the technology today! But yes, I picked up on Clara cam before the Doctor mentioned it. But the whole dust thing becoming organic and can see, no that doesn't work. Let alone the gimmick of the episode being a trick to get people to watching. (And boy, is that 'don't watch' ready to be made fun of. Was that a 'gimme' Mark?)

I'm sure there is a lot more I want to complain about... but it's slipping from my mind already. It's just that good.

Next week: I don't even know what to make of that. Other than it doesn't actually look exciting.


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evildicemonkey said...

So can they see or not? If they can't see because something is hijacking the signal, what was it? And if it was how was Mr Royston Vasey seeing? Did he have some sort of sight-blocker-blocker? If they can see then they chose to kill people at times for dramatic purposes? They were all in on the plan? And all agreed? With no one worring about their own survival over the species survival? They sure are evolved!

And the Doctor falls for this plan while not falling for that plan, I can buy that. But now everyone is going to be Dust and he does nothing about that? He must have landed on the planet/dropped off Nagata and seen that video/the effects of the video because we know he wouldn't land exactly when he thinks he would.

Next week's episode, I am reminded of Simon R Green's Nightside series of books or Gaiman's Neverwhere, he's written DW episodes so why not just use his material?