Thursday, 19 November 2015

Lankhmar: Sword and Deviltry

This is the precursor of Sword and Sorcery as we think of it today, and... I've never read it. So let's remedy that.

In this first book, we get origin stories, first of Fafhrd, the barbarian, who is unlike other barbarians (in that he's interested in society outside his own). And then the Grey Mouser, who is unlike other wizards (in that he is not very good, and turns to the dark side easily). When they finally meet up, they are immediate friends... and then get pushed together for vengeance.

Throughout this book, I could constantly feel Discworld peeking over my shoulder going "I got that bit... and that bit... and nicked that other bit." This is clearly a heavy influence. However, there is one aspect that wasn't so familiar... this was just to damn serious. Good on Fritz Leiber for being earnest, but this is just bordering on the grim dark current fantasy retellings. I think this is more due to "modern sensibilities" that I wanted it to be funnier, but certainly it could lighten up.

Still, it's decent enough, although I'm not sure how the rest of the series is going to be called Lankhmar when they just left it...


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