Sunday, 8 November 2015


I didn't know about this book, but once I found out, of course I picked up the Terrahawks novelisation.

This is mostly a novelisation of a couple of episodes of Terrahawks, in particular Expect the Unexpected Part 1 and 2 and Happy Madeday. This is a pretty much straight forward novelisation, with only minor expansion on what's going on. We get descriptions of the various things unfolding as craft fly off, and a bit more about Tiger's thoughts, but not much else.

One part that fails is Hiro, he of the Spacehawk. On screen, he has an over the top Japanese accent, in particular he often says "Exactry". Except in this book the author writes it as "Exactly", so the point is lost. Which is worse when a character points hangs on him not being able to pronounce it correctly! And this is supposed to be a second edition, and yet it's clear it wasn't given a refined editor pass, as there are quite a few typos that stood to me while reading.

On the whole... just watch the episodes again.


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