Monday, 7 December 2015

Doctor Who 9.12

RTD usually closes out the season with a big spectacular event and a more personal emotional ending. Moffat usually goes for just the former, and here he is going for the latter.

It's all about the Doctor and Clara and what the Doctor will do to save her. I thought I knew what was up with "Clara" turning up in the beginning... and got that entirely wrong, I will admit. Although this does leave us with Clara and Ashildr with a TARDIS... yay? I'm sure Big Finish are already having plans, let alone many, many fanfic writers...

Anyway, the lengths the Doctor goes to. Which makes it no surprise that he indeed turns out to be the hybrid (or at least part of it), because as soon as you talk about standing on the ruins on Gallifrey, there's only one man who will go that far. And Moffat decides that memory erasure is the best way to proceed with that... which isn't even slightly emotionally wrecking like with Donna (maybe because I don't care about Clara anywhere near as much?). Oh, and yeah, Gallifrey's back, but don't ask how. And just what monsters are they supposed to be that everyone hates? I don't get that.

Really, what I'm saying is that this is an attempt at an emotional ending... and it's a fizzler. Moffat can do great stuff (watching the recent Jekyll and Hyde series makes me want to go back and rewatch Jekyll). But not here...

Next time: Comedy Christmas! Ho oh no!


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