Saturday, 16 January 2016

Friday the 8th

Okay, this is supposed to be "Takes Manhattan", but there is little Taking and hardly any Manhattan.

Because an anchor hits a cable, Jason is revived... of course. Then the boat turns up in Manhattan for some reason, where a larger boat is taking off with a grad student party. Jason ends up on board, and slowly kills people. Eventually the survivors end up in Manhattan and then we get Jason wandering some back streets, before they finally hit Times Square. The End.

There is a link between one character and small Jason, but that feels more coincidental than most of the coincidences in this movie (and this is a Jason movie!). The father is played by Peter Mark Richman, who comes across as adequately creepy, wannabe adult, and cowardly. Oh, and this movie is peak 80s, especially when in Manhattan.

This isn't so much a Jason movie as it is just a random slasher flick that happens to have Jason in it. And yet there is a connection back to kid Jason, so clearly there was a Jason script in there somewhere. Too odd.

I suppose we can't get weirder?


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