Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Sturm Wurriurs 2

I think I saw SW1, but can’t remember, other than an impression of CGI. So I was looking forward to the second one. (I’ll say that rather than sequel because it doesn’t seem to matter if I remember the first or not.)

There’s a new Big Bad in town, and Wind and Cloud aren’t up to facing him, so they need to train and level up their abilities. They go see Lord Wicked, who says that Wind can learn the way of Evil to quickly get power. Cloud, on the other hand, seems to pick up around two dozen new sword techniques in the same time. They then stand ready to take on the Big Bad, but then the inevitable happens, and it’s Cloud vs Wind, as given hugely away in the trailer.

And again we’re talking old time fighting, so there’s a lot of CGI flying around and posing as special effects are added later. There is some hand to hand combat, so we do see them dancing, but there’s mostly just standing there looking constipated - I mean powerful.

Decent performance, but nothing outstanding, and nothing new in the plot you wouldn’t guess already. Worth seeing as an example of the genre.


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