Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blue Velvet

And so the film society begins again. While I may not always make it, I will try to watch the movie. In this case, we open with Blue Velvet.

Jeremy finds an ear, and that leads him to a detective's daughter that leads him to a lounge singer that's suspicious. From there, he sort of falls in love with her while she (the singer) is being threatened via her family to put up with Frank. Jeremy gets too involved, and then it sorts itself out.

It has been said that this is one of Lynch's more straight forward movies, and that is true. In fact, if it wasn't for Frank, this should be a largely normal movie by anyone else's standards. But we have Frank. And a hell of a lot of coincidences to keep the events going. That annoyed me a bit, too many coincidences to drive everything.

Lots of recognisable names now, of course, giving decent performances. (Although I have no idea what Dennis Hopper's doing, other than giving a David Lynch performance.) I also think I've now seen the source of a fair few references, but I don't think I've gotten all I could have.

That said, I do like the main theme song. "Bluuuuuue VELLL vet."


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