Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Egads of Egypt

The director said that this movie did poorly because the critics uncritically criticised it. He didn't take into account that it sucked.

The royals are gods and have CGI on their side. The populace are largely interchangable except for two people, the 'hero' of the piece, and his extremely disposable, plot motivating, you can tell she's gonna die immediately, girlfriend. The gods get in trouble with Set taking over and kicking out Horus, so the 'hero' helps Horus. And there are some other gods around. And it just going on and on and on...

The worst thing about this movie, and there are many bad points, is the editing. By which, I mean the transitions between scenes, which is one part of what the editor is responsible for. Instead of 'seamless' transitions, or motivated transitions, or even fade wipes. Just slam cut to another scene and let the audience play catch up. Set up the scene? Nah, can't be bothered.

And the gods story line is just rubbish. Basically Gods = Normal Royalty, with their own petty schemes that everyone else puts up with, just like another other political movie. The gods are bigger than the normal people, making this the worst use of technology that LOTR gave us. And the 'hero's story line is so obvious that you are waiting for the beats to tick off.

When I saw this, I was in Auckland. The theatre seats are nice, in that you can lift up arm rests and lie across several seats. I'm not saying I did this, but it was nice to lie down at times.

You could make fun of this movie, but it's too easy a target.


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