Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I had heard about this, but not really paid it that much attention. But, meh, it was something to watch.

A casino dealer with a child to look after decides to become a part of a group robbing the casino. But who cares about that, because the movie's barely got time for that when there's a far more interesting story about them latterly having to catch a bus. And so they need to deal with the cops chasing them while holding the people on the bus hostage. This is obviously the part everyone in the audience cares about... according to the writer, it seems... because we spend so much time on it. But, hey, because this is a heist movie, there is something else going on that the audience aren't allowed to know about until the big reveal at the end.

Ugh. This just failed to get my attention. Not to mention that the actual heist is such a small part of the movie, instead it wants to be Speed. At least, that's where my mind went to. Only far less engaging.

No spectacular performances stand out, not even De Niro. Production is decent.

Overall, just not something that kept me watching.


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